Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Luxury Lane Soap supports UberDork Cafe!

One of the many great things about the magical interwebs is the ability to help and support people you've never met, but know better than your next door neighbors...

There have been many, many blogs going around with a common and reoccurring theme: Friendship and the common and overpowering appreciation for people simply paying it forward. This is how small little acts of kindness and goodwill lead to bigger and better good things, a snowball of *snugs* if you will. Even if you're stuck in a one-horse town (raises hand!), you can still help change the world by spreading that goodwill all across the globe and help reward with kindness and love those other folks out there doing the same thing.

Essentially, we are rebuilding ourselves through these blinky, bright lovable digital monsters sitting in front of us.

I need you to do me a HUGE favor. Click on this link --->

Now you either:
A) Clicked on that link and got lost and may never make it back to this page because you are looking at an ad for a free toaster and you want to click it just to see what the deal is. You want to know how they are going to totally rip you off and what is the gimmick? The angle? What do they REALLY want from you? Or maybe it actually is a pretty sweet toaster. EIGHT slices of bread? Srsly?!


B) You made it back here and you are genuinely interested this time around.

The rest of this is written for Group B. Group A, You ROCK those toasters! (please fwd me the info...)

So, Group B. You want to know why I asked you here? Simple. I love my internet friend Natali. I have never met her face-to-face. I DO know she makes a sweet ass Yoda Cake and that her daughters love the heck out of their momma. She is intelligent and funny in ways I cant even express. (She can though, go check out her rocking blog!) I know these things about Natali. I know that if we knew each other IRL, we would take our kids bowling and be the cool group. Our kids would probably beat us at bowling...totally...I just beat my highest score of 44 with a 53. ...We would skate too. We would be besties.

Natali isn't the only one either...there are SO many people I would jump in my van and go see, right this second. And I could be myself. You know who you are., cause you listen to me rant about being crazy and you support me for the one moment when it all falls apart. You've never met me and you help me, thank you. Really :)

Dude. This is the longest blog I have ever written. Ever. I am NOT known for long ranty blogs. I hardly ever even finish a sentence...

What does this all mean? (because you know I always have a point!) Well, this all means Natali's dream is very important to me and I need you to help her out. Even a dollar brings her one tiny step closer. A LOT of us know that one teeny tiny step forward can sometimes be the difference between crashing or having your dream fulfilled. We also know that from every major crash, there is a larger and wiser dream built upon it.

So @KyleeLane asks YOU: Please help a sista out. My girl needs your monies and I am telling you she is legit.

If you cant help monetarily, spread the word! Tell your family, tell your friends, heck, tell your enemies and they might even mend their ways! Light one more fire with her dream. Plant the seed of an idea in our youth, sitting on the internet right now, linking and posted and reading...and educating themselves. Spread the word so that even IF Uberdork Cafe doesn't get built right away, even if it is an idea that floats away because we lose track of whats important, even if the worst happens, you know what? You will have passed along the IDEA that we all need to chase our dreams as often as we can and with as much love as we can muster! "IDEAS ARE BULLETPROOF" and who knows...someone may accidentally come across your blog through a link on Twitter, or a mini-feature you wrote, and then that idea is passed on and inspires others.

What we put out into the world, we pass on to our youth. What ideas are we leaving them? You know -- the ideas THEY will one day take and grow up and teach THEIR children. (Hopefully also passing along the idea that they want to take care of their awesome parents and give them cake and not put them in a nursing home...and never sell the OLD car because it will one day be worth a lot of money. Do not lose sight of the past.)

So wrapping all this up in a neat little package with a bow and lots of little hearts in it: As I stated at the beginning, each of us, no matter where we are, now have the ability to help those like-minded peeps who look to build a better world one or *snug* at a time. And we all have the ability to help those who want to take some of that geeky love and build something we can all touch and experience in the real world with it. Not to shut anyone out, not to say "Geeks Only, No One Else Allowed" but to set up the kind of place where all that great energy geeks have can be shared and grow.

Please. G33Kmade and Luxury Lane Soap support UberDork Cafe and we ask you, as one group of friends to the next, help Natali out and THANK YOU!!!!

+10 if you made it this far. You just earned the achievement "Make it through Kylee's Longest Blog Post EVER!" If we ever meet in person, I owe you a hug in real life. (heart)