Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Around 2:30am this morning I got a call from my sister that our Mother's house was on fire. My Mom had been taken to the hospital and that was all of the information anyone could give me. No one was able to tell me where my brother and sister where (I later found my siblings at a neighbors house.) After rushing to the hospital I had been told my Mom was going to be taken to a larger facility in Sioux City, IA.Talk about going into massive panic mode... She did not have any burns but severe smoke inhalation. She was released this morning, due to having no insurance, with burns on her lungs and we do not yet know of any permanent damage. I have two younger siblings (10yrs and 15yrs) who ware unharmed, if not completely mentally shaken. My mother's husband and the family puppy are also doing ok. Talk about putting things into perspective...

The house is destroyed and they lost everything. I keep repeating this to myself and for some reason it just is not sinking in.

However, I am already blown away by the help the community has given us. The school has put together a donation drive for clothing and school supplies with teachers and staff contacting us for any help we may need. I can not thank you enough for those who have helped, called, emailed, and kept my family in your thoughts and prayers.

Honestly, I am scared shitless right now, to put it bluntly. My husband and I live a very simple and cheap life, cutting out things like cable, water softeners, house phones and yeah, we buy clothing at goodwill on a regular basis. This is ok for us and it is what we have to do as parents to make ends meet. But I have now taken on caring for another family of four whom have nothing. No clothing, no food, no beds...nothing. I feel helpless. I can not just go buy them the things they need, I don't even know how I am going to feed this many people. I'm pissed my Mother was released from the hospital due to lack of insurance and I need to get her back to a doctor. Really, I am not trying to drop a sob story on your lap, I am beyond scared.

Also, I will be closing down my shops for a little bit and putting my time into making things as comfortable as possible for my mom, while keeping these kids smiling and distracted. I am the only one able to take care of everyone right now so that is my number one priority. Orders that I have not yet sent will be shipped a couple days behind schedule, but I will have them out to you by Friday at the latest. Thank you so much for your understanding.

I will try to keep everyone posted on any changes and my phone will be on me at all times. I will be updating via my Twitter stream also ( . If I can not get back to you immediately, I apologize, but please know every act and every word of kindness helps more than I can put into words.

♥ *Updated to add: It has been determined the fire started due to faulty/over heated wires behind the clothing dryer. I will never run a load of laundry before I go to bed ever, ever again.

♥ *Updated to add: Thank you SO much for those still contacting me aboutwanting to help. My family is back on their feet and in a new home now. Again, thank you so so so much to everyone.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Why are my bewbs on Twitter?!

October is breast cancer awareness month. Breast cancer is a very serious, very real problem. I don't need to tell you that, as most of us have been touched in some way by this cancer.

My Grandmother fought breast cancer and won. However, not without a very intimate battle wound. Even though she lost one of her breasts, she is still and forever will be, one of the strongest people I know. To her, losing only a breast, meant she round house kicked breast cancer right in it's ugly face. But for many, they are not so lucky. I have been reading story after story of loved ones lost. One in particular touched me and informed me. Through UberDorkGirlie's blog I was informed of BoobieThon.

People everywhere are posting pictures of their breasts to bring attention to the cause. Personally, I have been wanting to post pictures of my breasts since first hearing of BoobieThon, but knowing there was no way I'd be able to do it anonymously, I've held back. I'm covered in chest shouts for attention...

Then I think of all off the women, my grandmother included, who need attention brought to this cause. I think of myself and my daughter (and son!) who merely through genetics, may one day battle this disease. All of a sudden being anonymous is no longer an issue.! So, this proud Mommy, Daughter, Sister and Friend has decided to take and post a picture of her chest...Now bring on the attention! ♥

For more information please visit
The Official BoobieWed Page
The Official Boobiethon Page

You can also follow these great people on Twitter! @boobiewed, @shimmer418, @honey_is_evil and @boobiethon.

Please get involved anyway you can. Through pictures, donations or simply passing the word along.