Monday, June 2, 2008


Soap curing! Exciting, huh? ♥ Tonight will be full of beveling bars & smoothing the edges so they are easier to hold. Right now, the soaps have a fan on them to help with the natural airflow, and to 'pull' the excess water out. It is so hot and dry out here in Vegas, that these bars are having no problem hardening up to be perfect bars

And this adorable little button, Sophie, belongs to Jkalea of! I hear she loves my soaps, which she is holding up in the picture ♥ Check out Jkalea's Shop for some amazing and beautiful baby gifts! She sells the CUTEST Eco- Friendly Diaper Cake!



jkalea said...

Thanks for posting a photo of Sophie. She really does LOVE your soaps! We will be repeat customers for sure!!!

SoapLane said...

She is ADORABLE! Thank you for taking the pictures! After I get the new Fan Page built, I'll and a couple of the other photos! ♥