Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yart Sale on Etsy ♥

My Etsy Shop is participating in the second annual Yart Sale on What is a Yart Sale you ask? Check out this Etsy Storque Article for more information! ♥

Check out my Yart Sale section to see my goodies either drastically marked down, or offered with free shipping!

There are SO many talented people on Etsy and it always blows my mind seeing some of the things people come up with. Be it either astoundingly simple, or exaggerated and complex, crafty or mechanical...It makes me happy people are still creating. Why not purchase something during this years Yart Sale you might not otherwise purchase? LOTS of GREAT sales right now...simply search: Yart . There is even a trending # if you use Twitter! Search: #Yart ♥ Check out these awesome items I found from other Etsy Sellers participating in this years Yart Sale ♥ Enjoy!

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