Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Mini-Feature: Zygomatics

I. Love. Kawaii. Kawaii is the Japanese word for cute. What better way to start the work week than with a giant, healthy dose of cute, to chase away those Monday blues?

I stumbled upon Zygomatics while browsing Twitter. I completely fell in love with Chloe's beautiful and bright creations the second I saw her Etsy Shop. Bold colors, many textures and perfect pictures, the Zygomatics shop is very well put together, being professional and playful at the same time. Very kawaii!

Want to know more about Chloe and the beautiful things she makes?? Be sure to check out:


1 comment:

Elisa said...

Kawaii also means cool, right? At least according to Gwen Stefani :-)

Either way, these are definitely kawaii :-)