Thursday, April 23, 2009

Soy Tart Bars Are Back!

After many inquires, I'm excited to bring back Soy Tart Bars to my Etsy Shop! I also did a mini photo shoot and got some great product images this weekend...I'm loving these cloudy days. ♥

What are Soy Tart Bars?

♥Soy Tart Bars are highly scented wax that you put in a tart burner/melter to scent the room. Its sort of like a candle but without the wick or flame, you just heat it and melt it. They usually smell stronger than candles, too.

My highly scented wax bars break apart into six tarts, try mixing scents to create your own unique fragrance! •Each cube releases scent for 5-10 hours...That's up to 60 hours of lush fragrance per pack!

♥ Soy wax is an all-natural, renewable resource that is obtained from the Soybean, plant based and burns cleaner, is better for the environment and is easier to clean up. Using soy wax helps to support America's Farmers!


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