Sunday, May 10, 2009

Monday Mini-Feature: Toddler Virtue Tees

This is my son, Trent wearing his brand new "Tolerance" Toddler Virtue Tee that I won through the Girl Indie blog! Yay!

I absolutely LOVE the idea behind these shirts for kids. They make a wonderful statement with phrases about courage, tolerance, gratitude, kindness and patience. All things we could use more of in today's hectic world. Not only are the shirts adorable, but the colors are vibrant and they are very well made. And soft! Trent could not stop pointing out how "softy" his new shirt was.

Thanks again to Monika for the great "softy" Toddler Virtue Tee. Be sure to check out and get one for the little love(s) of your life. There's even an adult sized "Gratitude" shirt, for you! ♥ As if it couldn't get any better, the back of the shirt says "Pass It On". How clever is that?

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